Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Message Regarding West End Live Photos

A few weeks ago I attended a convention for the television show "The Vampire Diaries" and subsequently posted my photos on Flickr (they're here, if anyone is interested!).

To the best of my knowledge, at least two websites downloaded my photographs and placed them on their own sites, without any credit.  One site even had the cheek to tag the photos as if they were their own!  I have asked for the photographs to be credited or removed but the webmasters have failed to respond.  

To those unfamiliar with Flickr, I would stress that I do not make any money from photographs viewed there.  It is simply rewarding to see how many people view each photograph, comment on or add as a favourite.  Whilst I use Flickr as an online back-up in case my original files are lost, I also wish to share the photographs I take at theatre or television events with like-minded fans and I do not wish to cover them in watermarks!

Photos may be reproduced on other sites providing a link-back is provided to the original Flickr location.  I also request that a link is given to this site.

The above being said, I would like to say thank you to all those people who have commented on my photos from West End Live.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.

West End Live 2011 Photographs

My photos from West End Live (Saturday) are now online, as detailed below:

Betty Blue Eyes
Billy Elliot
Flying Karamazov Brothers
Free Run
Ghost The Musical
Jersey Boys
Legally Blonde (featuring Lee Mead)
Lend Me A Tenor (featuring Cassidy Janson)
Love Never Dies
Mamma Mia!
Million Dollar Quartet
Rock of Ages (featuring Oliver Tompsett)
Thriller Live
We Will Rock You

Pictured: Oliver Tompsett performing in Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rachel Tucker Performing at West End Live 2011



Rachel performed Defying Gravity/The Wizard & I, as previously seen on "Dancing on Ice".

More photos from today can be seen here (many more to come, including Cassidy Janson, Lee Mead and Oliver Tompsett.  Contrary to my post yesterday, Caissie Levy was not actually performing but you can read an interview with her here).

Friday, 17 June 2011

UK Happenings!

This weekend sees West End Live taking place in Trafalgar Square.  Wicked is due to perform at 11.35 on Saturday - maybe this year we'll get something other than "The Wizard & I"! 

View the full line-up here.  No doubt many former Wicked cast members will be spotted - Cassidy Janson is appearing in Lend Me a Tenor and Caissie Levy will be previewing Ghost: The Musical.

The UK cast will also be taking part in Magic Summer Live, at Hatfield House on July 17th. According to the latest Ozmopolitan, Rachel Tucker, Louise Dearman and Mark Evans will be in attendance.

Idina Menzel is peforming at the Royal Albert Hall on 6th October.  Buy tickets here.

Finally, some casting news.  Former Elphaba stand-by, Ashleigh Gray is appearing in Betwixt! from July 26th and Oliver Tompsett has joined the London cast of Rock of Ages. Lee Mead takes over from Alex Gaumond as Emmett in Legally Blonde on Monday.  Tompsett and Mead are both due to perform at West End Live. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dee Roscioli returns to Oz

Dee Roscioli, who previously played Elphaba in the Chicago and Broadway productions joins the first National Tour on June 7th.  Amanda Jane Cooper is currently playing Glinda on tour.

From Wicked Pro-Shots & Publicity Photos