Monday, 4 April 2011

Journey of the Wand

From the OfficialWicked YouTube channel:
Help send a very special wand to the Emerald City to kick off something GOOD that's happening in Oz. We can't do it without you!

1. Download this PDF to make your own Wicked Wand -- or use your own wand.

2. Create a short video of yourself passing your Wicked Wand from your right to your left. The wand should go from off screen on your right-hand side to off screen on your left-hand side, just like in the video above.

3. Your video should be short -- around 10 seconds -- but feel free to be creative. The possibilities are unlimited!

4. Upload your video on YouTube as a response to this video.

Don't have an account? Go here:

Learn how to upload a response video here:

5. The deadline for video submissions is April 18. After April 18, keep an eye out for the Journey of the Wand video featuring lots of our fans and cast members passing the wand. You could be in it! And there will be an exciting revelation at the stay tuned.

Questions? Comments? Ask away in the comments below!


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