Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wicked Day 2010 - London

The fifth annual Wicked Day took place at St Pancras International Terminal, London today, starting with a performance of "For Good" by Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman.  More photos will follow tomorrow but you can view the first batch here.

Wicked Day 2010

Louise Dearman & Rachel Tucker

Wicked Day 2010

Lauren James-Ray

Wicked Day 2010

Cassandra Compton

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wicked: Celebrating Seven Years of Amazing Fans

Wicked  welcomed its 5 millionth audience member to its Broadway Production on 29th September 2010.  As Wicked Day 2010 approaches, the Company has posted the following video as a thank you to the show's fans.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The inevitable question for Stephen Schwartz: Will Lea Michele star in the Wicked movie?

Stephen Schwartz has spoken to about the proposed film adaptation of Wicked (which, he cautions, is still "a twinkle in our eye":

"Lea Michele is fantastic," Schwartz told, "and it'd be silly to say she wouldn't be under consideration [for the role of Elphaba]."

Schwartz also revealed to that the movie version may require audiences to put on 3D glasses to see the witches of Oz fly.

"It'll probably be in 3D because that's where all [movies] are going," Schwartz told us. "We're talking to a lot of potential directors, as a lot of people know, and I think we'll make a decision pretty soon." Among the considered directors is Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who already has experience adapting popular books for film with Running with Scissors and this year's Eat Pray Love. "We like Ryan and had a great meeting with him," Schwartz said of the director. "I've always been a big fan of his."

So if Murphy does turn out to be Wicked's cinematic wizard, it makes a lot of sense to cast his super-popular, Emmy-nominated Glee star Michele as the green girl. But don’t line up for popcorn yet. Schwartz explained that Wicked fans should be patient since the film is still in very early development. "It's a twinkle in our eye," he said.

Baz Luhrmann discusses Wicked - on stage and screen recently interviewed Baz Luhrmann and discussed, amongst other things, his involvement in the rumoured movie version of Wicked.  Read the full interview here.
PC: I just talked to Kristin Chenoweth about Kanye West sampling one of her tracks from WICKED. What do you think of WICKED and the Oz mythology?
BL: Hey! I come from a place called Oz! Ha! (Faux Laugh.)
PC: (Laughs.)
BL: That's a little joke. (Pause.) Obviously, in my last film AUSTRALIA I used it thematically. When you grow up in Australia, Oz has different implications. Even as a child, I mean, they call Sydney the Emerald City.
PC: Of course.
BL: So, the idea, it‘s interesting you mention it... I love those Oz stories. I'm madly in love with them. I don't think I'm speaking out of school when I say that I have been approached many times to do, or to attempt, a sort of variant or some variations and films and things on THE WIZARD OF OZ. I haven't gone there - not because I don't think it can't be done, because I do. I think any classic work is there to be re-interpreted - the classic never changed. People get very frightened of that until someone makes it work.
PC: Exactly. And WICKED?
BL: Listen, what I think is wonderful, and the most wonderful achievement... to me, WICKED is just extraordinarily clever. Not just the celebration of WICKED - apart from all the obvious things. After all, it has got some of the absolute, show-stopping classics - and we know what they are!
PC: Indeed!
BL: By the way, just so you know, believe it or not I just saw the show for the first time a week ago.
PC: Really?
BL: Yeah!
PC: You've been linked to it for so long!
BL: Crazy as it is - because other people have talked about, "Are you going to do WICKED as a film?"
PC: That's what I was going to ask!
BL: (Laughs.) Yes, that is definitely a rumor. It's for no other reason besides I've been in the desert for four years!
BL: That's an exaggeration, of course, but I really haven't been around.
PC: AUSTRALIA is the size and scope of two films!
BL: First, the thing I want to say about WICKED is that what is so clever about the show - and, isn't it great that a music piece can not only be great storytelling, a huge entertainment and clever as well - was that it toys so powerfully and so brilliantly with, A., and iconic show we all know and love and know, but, B., with a perspective.
PC: What a great way to look at it!
BL: Yeah, that's the whole point of it, that you can flip perspective. I think that is very, very healthy to the culture of the musical.
PC: Without a doubt.
BL: I think that's great. Of course, THE WIZARD OF OZ is kind of like a religious icon when it comes to the cathedral of the musical. It's something very, very precious. I think someone - the right person - should do it.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wicked Cast Members: It Gets Better

Cast members from the 2nd National Tour tell how they overcame prejudices during their teens to become the artists they are today.

View more videos at Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" Project.